Win a one week all-paid experience at New York City to develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Experience New York City for 9 days and 8 nights

Transform your mindset at "the capital of the world" to make a positive impact in your society.

How may I join?

Celebrate with us our 10th year anniversary, by participating in the TrepChallenge Fun and immersive way of winning an all-paid experience.

Are you up to the challenge?

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Access to a platform where you'll take the participation steps, and follow-up to your status. Get for free our ebook "Dream Builders" by Fernando Sepulveda that will help you start your entrepreneurial journey.

Participation fee

Fulfill a $50 USD participation fee to start the Challenge. Participation fee grants you access to the chance of winning an all-paid Experience Program at New York City valued at $5,000 USD. Also, receive access to our Entrepreneurial Toolkit that will help you develop your competencies and have more chances to win the prize.


You can win in two possible ways:

1.Competencies Challenge:
We relate in unique ways to competencies we develop through life. Prove your capacities around 7 entrepreneurial competencies by taking an Assessment.

2.Viral Challenge:
The way we communicate stories have a huge influence in developing entrepreneurship. Prove your communication capacities by creating, uploading and sharing a TikTok, following the theme guidelines.

The best applications through the Assessment as well as the most viral Tiktoks will be sent to our Entrepreneurial Jury, who will select the winner(s)


Every three weeks we'll open a new chapter to participate in our TrepChallenge. At the end of each chapter, we'll announce the winners.


Each chapter will have at least 1 winner. But there's more! Every 100 extra participants will unlock a new winner.*


Find out if you're one of our winners. In case you're one of them, we'll contact you via email. Also, you can review the full list of winners and participants here.

*For more information, review our Terms and Conditions.


We'll get in contact to review the logistics information, and give you all the details you need to know prior to the program.


Save the best for last, it's time to travel to New York City to put in practice the entrepreneurial competencies in our Experience Program.

New winners

every three weeks


Got questions?

We have answers

The TrepChallenge is designed to have 100 winners, although the final recount number will depend on the total number of participants joining each Chapter. From every 100 participants, we’ll select 1 winner. Yes, you read that correctly, never before had it been so easy to experience New York as an entrepreneur.
Your time has come!

Your chances of becoming a winner depends on your effort. You can increase your chances of winning by taking our Entrepreneurial Competencies Toolkit, which helps you get a good amount of insight about the competencies and gain advantage while completing the Assessment.

Sure! We launch a new Chapter every 3 weeks, so you can join anytime to win our Experience Program. Remember that each Chapter the theme will change, so you won’t be doing exactly the same Challenge.

Places are limited, the size of each Experience Program group never exceeds 55 participants. Our group size allows a diverse and complete team formation, while making it possible for our mentors to create an immersive experience with personalized guidance.

Our Experience Program is not for general sale, the only way to live this experience is by participating, and winning, the TrepCallenge.
 The TrepChallenge has a participation fee of $50 USD that also gives you access to an Entrepreneurial Competencies Toolkit that will help you complete the Assessment, including:
  • "Dream Builders: How to become a better entrepreneur and build more successful startups" by Fernando Sepulveda (ebook)
  • Entrepreneurial Methodologies Certificate
  • Entrepreneurial Competencies Program
The value of our Experience Program is $5,000 USD and is comprised of the following elements:
  • Tuition: expert sessions, on-site events, recreational activities, networking sessions
  • Accommodation: 9 days and 8 nights at Marymount Manhattan with transportation on-site included
  • Medical insurance
  • Flight: TrepCamp covers up to $500 USD for flight expenses
  • Meal stipend

Currently, the only way to join our Experience Program is becoming a winner in any Chapter. Review the current Chapter dynamics and join our Challenge to compete for your spot at our Experience Programs

Access the complete schedule here.

Our Experience Program compiles the 7 main entrepreneurial competencies in 7 days filled with activities, challenges, speaker sessions and experiences. Each day, you’ll be assisting multiple sessions to dominate a different competency and unlock it in your digital curriculum. In this program, you'll receive 20 hours of guidance.

Our Experience Programs takes place at New York City, one of our favorite entrepreneurial ecosystems. Yet, most of our sessions are held at Marymount Manhattan College.

You must be at least +18 years old. Most of our students are between 18 and 25 years old. If you’re out of this range, we recommend you get in contact with our Student’s Advisors to help you find the program that best fits your profile.

Everything depends in the point where you currently are in your entrepreneurial journey. Our Experience Program allows for an entrepreneurial mind shift which helps you in more than one area in your life. Yet, if you want to start building your start-up right away, we recommend you check out our Simulator Program.

Yes! Our Experience Program is the best way to begin your path towards entrepreneurship, learning from the 7 main entrepreneurial competencies. For most of our students, these concepts are completely new, so you’ll evolve together.

By the end of our program, you’ll learn about the 7 main entrepreneurial competencies, acquiring significant knowledge prior to launching your entrepreneurial project. You'll develop your digital curriculum unlocking entrepreneurial competencies as you achieve the program activities. If you’re someone seeking to get out of your comfort zone, exploring a new ecosystem and discovering the best version of yourself, this is the program for you.

Access the complete terms and conditions here.

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