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About Us

TrepCamp is an entrepreneurial academy focused on transformation, mindset, and practice that prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to launch real projects

Our story

Was founded in 2013 as part of the United States-Mexico Alliance. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC), with the main focus of preparing future entrepreneurs to acquire the right skills as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

In 2014, a pilot test was launched in which 85 people from different universities in Mexico were selected to spend 3 weeks at UC Berkeley to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
A year later, the pilot program was so successful that it was expanded to 250 people at 5 different US universities such as Berkeley, San Jose University, San Diego State University, NYU, and Washington University.
Additionally, an online program was developed in which 10,000 applicants participated.
Only today TrepCamp has had more than 50,000 applications, more than 5,000 graduates, and more than 50 programs with a presence in more than 8 cities in the world.
But also throughout these years, several important success stories have been achieved that have marked the program.

Our Blog

This blog aims to present fresh, truthful, and interesting information about the world of business, entrepreneurship, and all related topics that can help you improve your growth mindset for today and the future.
Here you will find everything from news, case studies, research, interviews, and much more so that you can stay up-to-date with a single click.