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@TrepCamp boston university 2017

Akamai Technologies Visit
Shannon O'Brien is talking about how to be a great entrepreneur.

@TrepCamp Washington 2017

Tifanny Norwood. Serial entrepreneur Georgetown University
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Visit at Microsoft Technology Center learning about emerging technologies and the best way to leverage them.
Tajha Lanier TrepCamp Washington
Uploaded by Trepcamp USA on 2017-08-08.
Uploaded by Trepcamp USA on 2017-08-08.

@TrepCamp Stanford 2017

Damian Esparza - CEO of SmartProperty - software focused on the needs of mid sized homeowners
Dennis Tsu - Executive Director, Corporate Strategy at SRI International on Inventing the future and innovation
Eddy Pump Co - CEO Ben Weinrib Excavation system on Discovery Channel last year

Jose Miguel Ramos, serial entrepreneur, sharing how to create an innovative mindset at
TrepCampStanford2017: Rebecca Woodcock at 500 Startups sharing tips for early stage fundraising to our Treps - Stanford University TrepCamp
Nick Kho, YouTube superstar sharing his entrepreneurial journey at TrepCamp Stanford University

TrepCampStanford Visit to Salesforce San Francisco offices
Alexis Garberis - Co-Founder and CEO at Alsen sharing advice on pitches to investors and how to build great teams- #TrepCampStanford2017
Visit to QB3 - Trepcamp Stanford

TrepCampStanford2017:Homero Rivas, Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University
Blas L. Pérez, Founding Director of The California Global Energy, Water & Infrastructure Innovation Initiative at Stanford University on Clean Initiatives

Demo Jam at Salesforce Incubator.


Jon Tucker - CEO of HelpFlow. Done for you, Life chat service Helps grow your business
TrepCampSanDiego2017: Iboss Visit

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TrepCampSanDiego2017: Our first speaker Doug Hecht - Senior Vice President of Mindbody Inc.
TrepCampSanDiego2017 TakeLessons with its CEO - Steven Cox

@TrepCamp NYU 2017

Vanessa Pestritto partner at Lattice Ventures shares her insight on fundraising and venture capital with our NYC Treps.
Business development director Brian Quirk from Centric Digital shares insights on digital transformation and staying on top of the change with our NYC Treps.
TrepCampStanford2017: Justin Hendrix from NYC Media Lab shares insights on media industry and entrepreneurship.
Fatou Jabbie shares her insights into Sustainability, Energy and entrepreneurship.

TrepCampNYU: Building Powerful Relationship with Lourdes Olvera-Marshall; Networking with purpose at NYC!
TrepCampNYU: Kim Le sharing her own entrepreneurial journey.
TrepCampStanford2017:Damian Madray, Design Partner DXLab Design on Design Thinking

TrepCamp2017: Workshop with our Entrepreneur in Residence, Sangita Verma

TrepCAmpNYU: Cynthia Hellen, Founder of SMPLCT Lab shares her insights on Social Entrepreneurship, culture and resilience.

TrepCampNYU2017: Cynthia Hellen Founder & CEO, SMPLCT Lab

@ Trepcamp San diego 2017


TrepCamp First Week @ San Diego 2017

TrepCampSanDiego2017: Message from Jennifer Cosco to our Treps

TrepCampSanDiego2017: Jennifer Cosco Co-founder at Envy

Our second week at TrepCamp San Diego State Advanced Program Watch our video !🎥 Live the TrepCamp Experience and Follow their Journey!

TrepCamp Third Week @ San Diego 

TrepCampBerkeley2017: Damian Mandray. Founder and Creative Director at TheGlint and Design Partner DXLab

@ Trepcamp Berkeley 2017


TrepCampBerkeley2017: Rebecca Woodcock. Entrepreneur in Residence 500 Startups

Our Treps have started enjoying our Advanced Program in UCBerkeley for more than a week. This year more than 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs from different countries, competed for a spot at TrepCamp2017, on June 11th, 50 of the top talented participants arrived at Berkeley. Watch their first week at #TrepCampBerkeley2017

TrepCampBerkeley2017: Ann Winblad. Co-Founder, Managing Director Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

TrepCamp Second Week @ Berkeley

TrepCamp Third Week @ Berkeley