@TrepCamp Stanford 2017

Jose Miguel Ramos, serial entrepreneur, sharing how to create an innovative mindset at
TrepCampStanford2017: Rebecca Woodcock at 500 Startups sharing tips for early stage fundraising to our Treps - Stanford University TrepCamp
Nick Kho, YouTube superstar sharing his entrepreneurial journey at TrepCamp Stanford University

TrepCampStanford Visit to Salesforce San Francisco offices
Alexis Garberis - Co-Founder and CEO at Alsen sharing advice on pitches to investors and how to build great teams- #TrepCampStanford2017
Visit to QB3 - Trepcamp Stanford

TrepCampStanford2017:Homero Rivas, Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University
Blas L. Pérez, Founding Director of The California Global Energy, Water & Infrastructure Innovation Initiative at Stanford University on Clean Initiatives

Demo Jam at Salesforce Incubator.


Jon Tucker - CEO of HelpFlow. Done for you, Life chat service Helps grow your business
TrepCampSanDiego2017: Iboss Visit

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TrepCampSanDiego2017: Our first speaker Doug Hecht - Senior Vice President of Mindbody Inc.
TrepCampSanDiego2017 TakeLessons with its CEO - Steven Cox

@TrepCamp NYU 2017

Business development director Brian Quirk from Centric Digital shares insights on digital transformation and staying on top of the change with our NYC Treps.
TrepCampStanford2017: Justin Hendrix from NYC Media Lab shares insights on media industry and entrepreneurship.
Fatou Jabbie shares her insights into Sustainability, Energy and entrepreneurship.

TrepCampNYU: Building Powerful Relationship with Lourdes Olvera-Marshall; Networking with purpose at NYC!
TrepCampNYU: Kim Le sharing her own entrepreneurial journey.
TrepCampStanford2017:Damian Madray, Design Partner DXLab Design on Design Thinking

TrepCamp2017: Workshop with our Entrepreneur in Residence, Sangita Verma

TrepCAmpNYU: Cynthia Hellen, Founder of SMPLCT Lab shares her insights on Social Entrepreneurship, culture and resilience.

TrepCampNYU2017: Cynthia Hellen Founder & CEO, SMPLCT Lab

@ Trepcamp San diego 2017


TrepCamp First Week @ San Diego 2017

TrepCampSanDiego2017: Message from Jennifer Cosco to our Treps

TrepCampSanDiego2017: Jennifer Cosco Co-founder at Envy

Our second week at TrepCamp San Diego State Advanced Program Watch our video !🎥 Live the TrepCamp Experience and Follow their Journey!

TrepCamp Third Week @ San Diego 

TrepCampBerkeley2017: Damian Mandray. Founder and Creative Director at TheGlint and Design Partner DXLab

@ Trepcamp Berkeley 2017


TrepCampBerkeley2017: Rebecca Woodcock. Entrepreneur in Residence 500 Startups

Our Treps have started enjoying our Advanced Program in UCBerkeley for more than a week. This year more than 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs from different countries, competed for a spot at TrepCamp2017, on June 11th, 50 of the top talented participants arrived at Berkeley. Watch their first week at #TrepCampBerkeley2017

TrepCampBerkeley2017: Ann Winblad. Co-Founder, Managing Director Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

TrepCamp Second Week @ Berkeley

TrepCamp Third Week @ Berkeley