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Newest Mexican Unicorn

Alfonso De los Rios & Maximiliano Casal

Two talented software engineers, first matched at TrepCamp at Silicon Valley 2017. Co-founded Nowports, a digital freight forwarder start-up which gained a $1.1 billion dollars value, becoming the newest Mexico's Unicorn.

Successful investment round!

Regina Athie

Regina attended TrepCamp in Washington in 2015, where she began her entrepreneurial journey founding Cuéntame. A digital platform that provides mental help accessible to all. In its pre-seed stage, she managed to raise 1.3 M dollars.

Two paths towards entrepreneurial success.

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Develop your entrepreneurial skills in an immersive week in New York City

Build your own start-up in a three week program at Silicon Valley

Designed to:

Connect you with your entrepreneurial higher self.


9 days and 8 nights


June 2023


New York

Help you go from an idea to a pitch in one summer.


3 weeks


July 2023


Silicon Valley

This program is for you if:

You want to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and mindset before launching your own start up.

You want to start your entrepreneurial journey right away, whether you have an existing idea or not.

You want to make significant connections that will be key for your professional development.

You want to prepare yourself, alongside international aspiring entrepreneurs.

You want to get involved with international ecosystems to get out of your confort zone and discover your full potential.

You want to ask questions and be supported by industry leaders, and find the resources to make it possible.

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TrepCamp is an entrepreneurial academy focused on transformation, mindset, and practice that prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to launch real projects.

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