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One decade boosting entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2013, TrepCamp prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire the competencies needed for embarking into their entrepreneurial journey.

Let's review 10 years

transforming dreams into reality.

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We develop entrepreneurial programs like no other.


Inspiring ecosystems that allow our students to develop their full potential.

Strategic Allies

Formal entities that help TrepCamp reach more aspiring entrepreneurs.


We created a model that develops the main entrepreneurial methodologies and competencies.


Local and international experts sharing their living and practical experience.


International aspiring entrepreneurs sharing the same goals.

We challenge ourselves to improve each year, bringing together only the best.

Trep's Point Of View

Nothing speaks more than the voice of experience:

"Be OPEN to new ideas, and new ways to handle different situations. Listen to everyone and be as kind as you can."

23, Brazil

"No matter how intense things get, KEEP ON THRIVING, expose yourself to new ideas and other people."

31, Spain

"Say YES to any and every opportunity. Get to know as many people as you can and form LONG-LASTING BONDS."

27, Mexico

"Get out of your comfort zone and PUSH YOURSELF for as long as you are there because this is one a lifetime opportunity."

20, Albania

"Before Demo Day, gather as many teams as you can in one room to PRACTICE your pitches and give each other advice."

23, Mexico

"Research about the places and companies where your EIR and mentors are taking you, and always ASK QUESTIONS."

33, Mexico

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TrepCamp is an entrepreneurial academy focused on transformation, mindset, and practice that prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to launch real projects.

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